Founder’s Blog - An Unbelievable Story Of Hope

Founder’s Blog - An Unbelievable Story Of Hope

I just finished reading a Dog Named Hope about a wounded warrior named Jason Morgan and the service dog who saved him. After reading this amazing story about an impossible journey, I am happier than ever that Operation Hat Trick supports Canine Companions for Independence (the South Central region), an organization that provides service dogs to all kinds of populations including the one OHT supports-their veterans program.

OHTA decade ago, special forces Jason Morgan parachuted into the Central American jungle on an antinarcotics raid. He’d served with the famous Night Stalkers on countless missions. Months later, he regained consciousness in a U.S. military hospital with no memory of how he’d gotten there. The first words he heard were from his surgeon telling him he would never walk again. The determined soldier responded, ”Sir, YES I will.”

After multiple surgeries, unbearable chronic pain, and numerous setbacks, Morgan was finally able to make progress when his wife left him and their three young sons. He was a single father confined to a wheelchair and tortured by his pain. At this very low, dark point, Morgan found light: Napal - the black Labrador that would change his life forever.

A Dog Named Hope is the incredible story of a service dog provided by Canine Companions for Independence (CCI) who brought a devastated warrior back from the brink and taught him how to be a true father. It is the story of Napal, who built bridges between his wheelchair-bound battle buddy and the rest of the able-bodied humankind. It is the story of Jason, who found life’s true meaning with the help of his faithful companion.

Today Jason works closely with CCI and does numerous speaking engagements telling audiences around the country about the value of service dogs and how they make life livable.

CCI has had a profound impact on Operation Hat Trick as well. When we witnessed what these dogs can do to make one’s life worth living again, we knew we had to make a commitment to support their veterans program. And we are thrilled we did.

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Dot Sheehan
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