February is #NeverForget Month at OHT

February is #NeverForget Month at OHT in Honor of Nate Hardy and Mike Koch

“There is no greater threat to our freedom than the lack of gratitude to those who provide it” - Travis Mills-SSG-Retired quadruple amputee

February is #NeverForget month at OHT where all month we will honor the memory of Navy SEALs Nate Hardy and Mike Koch-to whom OHT is dedicated. Nate and Mike were killed in Iraq on Feb 4,2018. This is the 10th anniversary of the death. In an effort to #NeverForget, OHT will be featuring blogs and posting on social media to give you more insight into these two young men and encouraging you to ALWAYS remember - and to either make a purchase or donation to OHT or get involved in giving back to your military community. It is up to US to #NeverForget and engage in giving back to those in need.

On Feb 3,2008, Nate and Mike were excited about watching the Super Bowl where the Giants would play the Patriots. Nate was especially excited because he was from NH and a Pats fan. Then came the call-the call that would send them on a secret mission to clear an Al Quaeda house of Taliban. Their plans to watch the Super Bowl would not happen. The house was not empty as they had anticipated and a firefight ensued killing both Nate and Mike. It was now Feb 4.

On this Feb 4, the 10th anniversary of their death, the Patriots are once again playing in the Super Bowl vs the Eagles.

As Nate and Mike would make their way back to the United States for burial at Arlington National Cemetery, Mike’s brother, Matt, who was in the Air Force, was called upon to accompany their bodies back to American soil. Can you even imagine what that must have been like for him? Matt, Nate, and Mike alone in the back of a transport - it must have been a VERY long ride home.

So it’s only fitting that OHT is dedicating the month of February in Nate’s and Mike’s honor - and to all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice fighting for their country. Watch for ways you can win the featured OHT/’47 limited edition commemorative hat honoring Nate and Mike. Details will be given on this site as well as through social media at Facebook (@OperationHatTrick) and Instagram at @supportoht.

Your purchase of product or making a donation at www.operationhattrick.org are very much appreciated. Together we can make a difference in the lives of those wounded service members and veterans struggling to recover from their visible and invisible injuries.



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