Make A Difference for Veterans

Every team that partners with Operation Hat Trick spreads the word about wounded and recovering veterans’ needs and how we can meet those needs.

Colleges and Universities, high schools, professional teams , the NHL, the NBA, businesses and community organizations can support service members and veterans recovering from combat injuries. Your support of OHT-branded merchandise and products turn into funding that helps fill the gaps in care for expenses that traditional funding and benefits don’t cover.

Here are the ways you can adopt Operation Hat Trick and remind our veterans we haven’t forgotten their service.

Put your logo on Operation Hat Trick branded merchandise

Partnering with Operation Hat Trick is easy. Now is the time to become part of the OHT team. Here’s how it goes:

  • Email Dot Sheehan, OHT president and CEO, at, with a statement confirming that your college/university,team,or organization would like to adopt OHT.
  • Dot will reply to you and the relevant OHT licensees who produce OHT merchandise. She will also contact CLC, OHT’s licensing agent and other licensing agencies that represent various other colleges and universities
  • The OHT licensee will send you the necessary forms — credit application, wholesale costs, minimums, delivery dates. etc — and sample designs from which too choose
  • If the licensee doesn’t have your logo,you will be asked to send it in a vector file.


  • Colleges/Universities, Minor League Baseball teams, NHL and NBA teams will automatically receive their normal royalty rate. Royalties are included in your wholesale price.
  • OHT receives a 10 percent royalty on all cobranded merchandise and product and 12% on OHT only merchandise and product-paid by the licensee. A portion of each sale is then donated to selected organizations supporting OHT’s mission.
  • Colleges and Universities represented by CLC will receive quarterly royalty checks from CLC directly, with OHT outlined in a separate category.
  • Colleges/Universities/teams,leagues,and others represented by other licensing agents will pay royalties through their OHT licensee.
  • One check will be received by OHT from CLC

Make your event an Operation Hat Trick fundraiser

Your next company meeting or event can raise funds for Operation Hat Trick. Please contact Dot Sheehan at or (603) 674-2530.

Branding guidelines for Operation Hat Trick partners

  • Please refer to us as Operation Hat Trick or OHT. (Not O.H.T.)
  • Social Media Accounts
  • Our Mission Statement
    • Operation Hat Trick (OHT) generates awareness, support and funding for the recovery of America’s wounded service members and veterans. OHT pursues these goals through the sale of OHT branded merchandise, proceeds of which are distributed to selected organizations supporting the OHT mission.
  • Words To Know
    • Use service member or veteran NOT "soldier."
    • The elite branch of the NAVY, know as the SEALs, is SEAL NOT Seal
    • "Former Marines" do not exist (unless dishonorably discharged). Once a Marine, always a Marine.
    • PTSD- Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
    • IED- Improvised Explosive Device
    • TBI-Traumatic Brain Injury


Please contact:

Dot Sheehan,President/CEO
1 10th Street
Hampton, N.H., 03842
(603) 674-2530