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Operation Hat Trick raises awareness and support for the recovery of wounded service members and veterans through the sale of OHT branded merchandise,proceeds of which are donated to selected organizations that fulfill the OHT mission.

OHT fills some of the gaps in care,”white space”,that the government or other agencies do not cover,for war wounded as they return from the battlefield to resume their lives in their communities. Their wounds may be visible or invisible and no need is too small.

This blog will give you information and recount stories of our journey to help those in need. Our most recent blog will appear on this page with archived blogs available below.

July 11, 2017


By Dot Sheehan

Operation Hat Trick is proud to be able to donate to several organizations that support the recovery of wounded service members and veterans. As you may know, we do this through the sale of OHT branded merchandise. A portion of every sale comes back to OHT for donation.

The Semper Fi Fund is one of those organizations to which OHT donates. (See – for more information and under DONATE NOW to see where we have made donations). In memory of Nate Hardy and Mike Koch, two Navy SEALs who were killed in Iraq in 2008 and to whom OHT is dedicated, we request that Semper Fi apply our donations to adaptive equipment for those who have been injured -to provide comfort and relief and improve their and their families lives.

This year has been no different and we are particularly proud of being able to help a young Sailor and in return his entire family with our donation. I think you’ll agree OHT and Semper Fi, in partnership, have been able to make a significant difference in one young man’s life.

From the Semper Fi Fund:

We are excited about this opportunity to thank you and to show you how Operation Hat Trick’s philanthropic efforts have truly made a difference. Your support over the past four years, has helped the Semper Fi Fund to grow and evolve our programs to meet the changing needs of our service members and their families.

How You Helped: Thanks to your gift, the Petty Officer received an all-terrain vehicle – called a Zoom Chair – that has allowed him to regain his active lifestyle after being injured during a training exercise. The Petty Officer, who was a member of SEAL Team 3, was participating in a practice jump in preparation for deployment, when he landed incorrectly and suffered a back injury and multiple broken bones. As the result of his injuries, he was diagnosed with reflex sympathetic dystrophy – a central nervous system disease for which there is no cure – and is confined to a wheelchair. With his new Zoom Chair, the Petty Officer is able to safely and independently navigate terrain that was previously inaccessible to him in his regular wheelchair.

For more information about Operation Hat Trick, go to Your purchase of apparel/merchandise/products or a donation help us fill the gaps in care for those recovering from visible and invisible injuries. THANK YOU!



Dot Sheehan
Operation Hat Trick

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