Operation Hat Trick is proud to be able to support the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas and to show you their latest video and the impact ATF is having on those veterans who are retraining themselves and recalibrating to lead more productive lives.

Thanks to the commitment, dedication and vision of David Vobora, owner of the ATF and someone who was once challenged with what life threw at him, several wounded veterans who were told they would never recover and lead independent lives so had lost all hope, are working in ATF’s gym like they’ve never worked before. David and his trainers push them to their very limits but they love it and they are thriving. They complete ATF’s 9 week course and then become veteran alumni who then work as volunteers with the next group of newbies.

They are coming from greater distances now to be part of this recalibration. So in addition to OHT’s donation to support the 9 week program, it has recently donated again to help defray living expenses for those who want to come to the gym but can’t afford to do so. Dot Sheehan, CEO of Operation Hat Trick, says, ”There aren’t many organizations that will help pay for living expenses but we feel it’s very important for those coming from out of town to have the same opportunity to train at ATF and get that same degree of independence and recovery that others are getting. OHT firmly believes in ATF and wants them to be hugely successful so we will continue our support”.

As a new class is set to “graduate” from the 9 week program, OHT is excited to see the next group, to witness the veteran alumni helping the newbies and most of all to see the strides each and every veteran makes in his own recovery.

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