Two amazing people who are part of the Operation Hat Trick extended family recently appeared on the “Ellen Show” when Travis Mills and David Vobora joined Ellen on April 3.

As one of five quadruple amputees to survive injuries from wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, retired US Army Staff Sergeant Travis Mills knows the road to recovery better than most of the world can imagine. Even amidst unthinkable trauma, he became a shining light and friend for comrades faced with similar challenges.

His organization, The Travis Mills Foundation, supports combat injured veterans and their families through long term programs that help these heroic men and women overcome physical obstacles, strengthen their families, and provide well-deserved rest and relaxation.

David Vobora, former NFL player, is the owner and brains behind his gym, the Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, TX. His organization’s veterans’ program restores and recalibrates “broken” veterans who have amputations, addictions and PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). David is the real deal and a man who truly inspires and shows veterans they can begin to heal their broken bodies and minds, gives them purpose, and shows them how to show others that they, too, can overcome their challenges. He gives them the strength to want to change their lives and become more engaged members of their communities.

Operation Hat Trick is proud to support both the Travis Mills Foundation and the Adaptive Training Center.

Watch Travis and David’s appearance on the “Ellen Show” below.

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