We’ve been asked many times how we decide where to donate our money. Let me tell you.

First, OHT is a 501C3 non-profit organization that has an active Board of Directors of which I am the President. Our Board includes Steve Hardy, the father of Nate Hardy, one of the two Navy SEALs to whom we have dedicated OHT, and also Chip Kelleher a Naval Academy graduate who worked and fought with Nate in Iraq in 2006. Chip, Steve, and other board members do a lot of research into those organizations that fulfill our mission of supporting the recovery of wounded service members and veterans. They bring deserving organizations to the Board and we make decisions based on:

OHT donates money in Dec and June of every year and sometimes in between as well. The amount donated is decided by the Board. We start small and then grow with the organization. We also like to give to more than one organization. There is so much need out there that we made the conscious decision to give to many. In FY’16 OHT made donations to 18 different organizations.

The Adaptive Training Foundation in Dallas, TX is a good example of where OHT has made a donation. David Vobora, former NFL player, owner and brains behind his gym for elite athletes and would-be Olympians and the ATF for veterans, this organization’s veterans’ program restores and recalibrates “broken” veterans who have amputations, addictions and PTSD/Traumatic Brain Injuries (TBI). David is the real deal and a man who truly inspires and shows veterans they can begin to heal their broken bodies and minds, gives them purpose, and shows them how to show others that they, too, can overcome their challenges. He gives them the strength to want to change their lives and become more engaged members of their communities.

Click on this link and watch this video. You will know why OHT has made a donation to the ATF, thus helping their veterans program grow.

For more information about Operation Hat Trick, go to Your purchase of apparel/merchandise/products or a donation help us fill the gaps in care for those recovering from visible and invisible injuries. THANK YOU!



Dot Sheehan
Operation Hat Trick

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