January 24, 2017

OHT At The Sports Licensing And Tailgate Show In Las Vegas

By Dot Sheehan

Last week was a very exciting and rewarding week for Operation Hat Trick. The annual Sports Licensing and Tailgate Show was in Las Vegas where OHT was the Official Charity of the Show. This was a first for the Show and us and both of us were proud and excited to share OHT with those in attendance.

OHT had a booth for the first time giving us tremendous exposure to the more than 800 companies that were exhibiting. It also meant that for the first time all OHT licensees were assembled and shown in one place. A tremendous opportunity for retailers, buyers and companies!!!!

I met with our 2 newest licensees-Boxercraft who will be selling fleece pajama bottoms and shorts in late Fall and Rico,Inc who will be selling car products like car flags as well as grill covers, dartboards,license plates and other things, also in late Fall. Skicks was with us as well showcasing the new OHT camouflage sneaker, which was a huge success. They were the buzz of the Show.

Our existing and longstanding licensees were with us as well: ’47, The Mountain, Victory Tailgate, Wincraft and BaniBands. So honored that they had merchandise/products in the OHT booth.

I also met with a blanket and bag company that looks like it will pursue an OHT license. The ultimate goal is to have a comprehensive OHT Collection at retail – different OHT merchandise, headwear, apparel and products. We are very selective about our partners and make sure that they have the same passion and commitment to OHT that has driven all of us to support the recovery of wounded service members and veterans in a big way.

There are other potential opportunities that have me very excited but they are too premature to talk about. I can’t wait to see how these develop.

After the Tailgate Show I visited the Shot Show where there were thousands of people looking at the latest in firearms and technology for those who serve and protect us. I met several people from all over the world as they, too, seek to secure their countries with the best technology/products available. I was especially thrilled to meet a former Navy SEAL who, as it turns out, had been one of Nate Hardy’s Commanding Officers. Nate, as you know, is one of the two Navy SEALs to whom we have dedicated OHT. This CO was thrilled to see me as he knew of OHT and was so proud of what we are doing and what we have been able to accomplish. I gave him a camouflage American flag/OHT hat and he assured me that he would wear it with extreme pride. Quite an afternoon.

I want you all to know that OHT continues to work very hard to increase its exposure/visibility, the number of dedicated licensees and with monies we receive, to be able to fill more gaps in care for those who are recovering from often unthinkable injuries. There are many exciting days ahead and I very much look forward to seeing what’s new on the OHT horizon.

Please join the Operation Hat Trick family by making a purchase or making a donation at Together we will make a difference in the lives of those wounded warriors recovering from their battle injuries.



Dot Sheehan
Operation Hat Trick

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